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Letter received from the son of one of my clients. 

Letter received from  the daughter of one of my clients. 

My family has been using Carol Freidman for over ten years and the results have been outstanding. We have found Carol to be well organized and very prompt with her schedule and assisting us in our accounting needs. Carol has introduced us to using Quicken and online banking which has allowed us to manage our accounting needs much more efficiently.  Carol is honest and trustworthy and her attention to detail is a big bonus for our family as she makes sure everything is in perfect order.  Carol has assisted us in bill paying, cash management, vendor inquiries, credit card disputes, bank statements, tax payments and organizing all of our bills.  I can’t say enough about how fortunate we are to have Carol assisting us with our financial accounting needs.
I engaged Carol to help my elderly mother manage her finances in the last year of her life. My mother was a very competent money manager, but her health was failing and it had become impossible for her to stay on top of all of her financial obligations. Nevertheless, she very much wanted to remain in charge of her finances. Household Affairs provided the ideal solution for our family. Carol came to the house and worked with my mother to pay bills and track financial transactions. When my mother was ill, Carol would ensure that regular bills were paid promptly, and she tracked all of her actions both for my mother and for me. She was responsive and absolutely trustworthy -- plus my mother enjoyed spending time with her! Most importantly, she made it possible for my mother to retain as much control as she could over her own financial world. And, she created a record of all of my mother's accounts, key contact people (such as insurance agent, accountant, and lawyer), and financial obligations. This record proved absolutely invaluable after my mother died. When I had to step in and take over my mother's estate, I had all the information at my fingertips. Really, I cannot thank Carol and Household Affairs enough!

After I got divorced, I quickly realized I needed help in organizing and paying my bills and learning how to navigate the world of medical insurance. Carol has been invaluable in helping me in all those areas. I choose not only to have Carol pay my bills, but help me to understand the process.  Another very important thing, she helped me to put together an ever changing/expanding list of emergency contacts, doctors, and insurance companies that I use. Without Carol, I truly do not know how I would have handled some of the difficult challenges I had in front of me.


Letter received from  one of my clients. 

Letter received from the daughter of one of my clients. 

I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Carol Freidman, who worked with my mother for over 12 years in numerous capacities. Initially, Carol helped my mother with learning to use a computer and helping mom transition from hand-written record keeping to digital. As my mothers ability to manage her own business affairs became increasingly compromised, Carol was there to help and made it possible for mom to keep her financial affairs at home and in order. Carol helped to manage everything from routine bill payment to tax payments and to preparing documentation to provide the accountants with important information. For the last few years, my mother also relied heavily on Carol to help manage her household, thereby providing my mother with a much needed sense of independence and comfort. Carol's assistance also provided the family with the assurance that a trustworthy and reliable person was taking care of our mothers affairs. I can therefore recommend Carol with the highest confidence. 


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