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Carol Freidman is a NYS licensed teacher in business education with a master's degree in educational computing. She has worked for more than twenty years as a teacher and personal computer trainer, developing a specialty for helping clients navigate the digital world. Over these years, she and her clients have created lasting relationships and now she assists them in managing their household financial affairs as well! 


A Unique Service to Fill a Special Need

Household Affairs Management serves a varied clientele -  a recent divorcee or widow, someone dealing with a major illness, or a senior aging gracefully at home. Most long standing clients are people in their 70s and older. They are independent, inquisitive and accomplished, and up to now, they have been able to handle all their household affairs. As memories or general health has declined, bill payments, paperwork and phone calls seem overwhelming. Not wanting to burden other family members, they have turned to Carol to act as their household affairs manager.

Carol helps sort through weekly mail, monitors due dates of important payments such as premiums and taxes, organizes key papers for family members, and communicates with other professionals, such as accountants, investment advisers and lawyers.  She helps with check writing, bill paying and checkbook organizing, or she assists with online banking for those with computers. She can navigate the lengthy phone trees and communicate with your insurance broker or claims adjuster on your behalf. For anyone who wants to track expenses or stick to a budget, she uses Quicken, a well-established financial computer program. 

Household affairs management means something different for each client, but generally speaking, it means no longer having to shoulder all the responsibilities of running a household on your own. With Carol as your advocate, you have someone dependable and trustworthy to read through the mail, get your questions answered and basically help you keep track of things. If you have concerns about the ability of a parent or friend to manage the daily affairs, consider introducing them to Carol. Though she’s not a social worker by training, Carol’s clients have come to rely on her to help facilitate communication with their children, health care professionals and advisors. At your first meeting with Carol, you can discuss your needs and see where Carol can help to off-load some of the tasks that are now proving more difficult to complete. 


Carol Freidman

Household Affairs Management