If you are...
  • A senior who wants to maintain independence without burdening your children 
  • A child who wants to help mom or dad with their everyday finances but doesn't live nearby or have enough free time 
  • A professional or family member who knows a senior whose routine finances need management and monitoring
  • A widow, widower, divorcee, or other person in transition not accustomed to managing your own household affairs
  • Anyone who needs a trusted professional to call for help with everyday tasks that are overwhelming

Household Affairs Management services can ease the task of monthly bill paying and help you organize all your essential information for your family and your financial professionals.

Carol Freidman is a

personal household assistant who can help you

Call now: (914) 633-4141

Bill Paying

I will pay your bills with handwritten checks signed by you or through online banking.



I will help create a system to organize your papers and safeguard important information for emergencies. 

Household Affairs Management

Bank Reconciliation

Each month, I will check your statement and can perform a bank reconciliation.

Technology Assistance

I can advise you and set up all technology, such as computers, cameras, phones and tablets.